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21st September 2020 Student Discount for the city’s walking tours! Details of the new discounted rate for students to come on the city’s popular weekend walking tours. Further details for editors on Covid-19 safe touring including use of ‘live audio’.
1. Newhall Square and some secrets of Birmingham’s industrial past are revealed
2. Social distancing is stricly enforced while walking to the Jewellery Quarter
3. Learn about the different industries that grew to dominate the Victorian town.
4. We look at the modern city as well as the history of the city.
5. The live audio is an important part of Covid-19 safe operating on the walking tours.
Saturday afernoon walking tour.
Sunday afternoon walking tour.
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5th October 2020 Student Discount Prices Campaign - Social Media and Poster Download Please download our posters and use on social media or even print out the posters and stick on noticeboards around campus!
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30 June 2021 Birmingham’s artsy bits walking tour
Details of the new walking tour that looks at the public art on the streets or Birmingham. Click on the photos to download high resolution images for copyright free editorial use.
Click images to download high-res file for editorial use. Art Society Wrekin on the BIrmingham artsy bits pre view tour Thomas Attwood (Sioban Coppinger and Fiona Peever, 1992) HSBC entrance lions. (Originally WW Wagstaff, 1935 for Hong Kong branch) A real Birmingham family (Gillian Wearing, 2014)