Photo Blog - the tour in photos

As part of our tour we have a few minutes to spend on photography. Each month we assess photos that our 'tourists' have sent in or published on sites such as Tripadvisor. There is a prize of an Acme Positively Birmingham whistle for the winner....Wow!

24th September

Today already the area we walk is starting to prepare for the conservative party conference at the ICC. We can still walk through today but things will be different next week.

18th September

The final day of Birmingham Heritage Week and we had some fun. Great to have William with us from Seattle/New York and Brenda and Jon came back with some family. Highlights have to be Mary pointing  out pieces of artwork on Broad Street.

Thanks to Raj Garcha for some great photos - that roof in the first Gas Retort House in Birmingham was really opportunistic!

17th September

Our biggest tour of Birmingham Heritage Week with 25 of us touring today. What a nice group of people and really good to see us all interacting, contributing and making new friends. We had a number of students and young professionals new to our city on tour today and they clearly appreciated the things they were seeing and the warmth of the locals.

Lyn from Chicago thought there were so many similarities with how her city had developed - especially with the way we sorted the water and sewage out in Chamberlain's time!

Here are some shots from today to enjoy:

16th September

Birmingham Heritage Week just gets better. People on tour include those with real interesting knowledge of our amazing city. The key is to get them to contribute. Ken was the guide today - you can see him at Packwood guiding  for NT as well!

Ken is ready to set off.

Flowers holding up well for mid-September! 

Arc of the Day always interesting.

Boulton Watt and Murdoch with a backdrop of Arena Central building work.

Municipal Bank getting more and more fans.

15th September

Reflections on Birmingham Heritage Week with a relaxing, ,informative and friendly tour. Three more Birmingham Heritage Week tours and then it is back to Saturday and Wednesday!

Got this shot by going very low with the camera! Here we stop and admire this amazing old board school and discuss Chamberlain and Dawson and the Civic Gospel.

Gas Street Basin has plenty of opportunities for reflections.

A double take at walk of stars on Broad Street

A Real Birmingham Family (Gillian Wearing) is a great place to start our tour of the city this fine Thursday afternoon.

14th Septmber

Amazing weather and another Birmingham Heritage Week Special is underway

What a privilege to learn more about living on a narrowboat with a B1 postcode!

The James Brindley has been sold now and will be redeveloped into a family friendly pub soon.

Bye, bye Adrian Boult Hall

Fun in the sun!

12th September

Birmingham Heritage Week continues...

PwC staff show us where they are heading in Chamberlain Square!

Setting the scene in Centernary Square

Gas Street Basin

The Municipal Bank

Understandingg the importance of our 18th C industrialists

11th September

Another day, another tour and we had a great group and used an old map again to understand more about what lies beneath our feet. Some people are confused when you tell them that Centernary Square is going to be torn up and redone - they think of it as still almost new. Then when someone pipes up with insider knowledge that Victoria Square is also going to be redeveloped that certainly adds in local knowledge!

10th September

This tour was always going to be fun with Steve's crew along!

Nice idea to promote the family tour like this!

What a gas.... at Birmingham's first retort house in Gas St.

Interesting questions about narrowboat living.

8th September

Photo: Ronald Smith; Great view of Boulton, Watt and Murdoch surrounded by cranes from Arena Central

Photo:Ronald Smith, Nice use of foreground to give a feel for a secret photo!

Photo: Ronald Smith; The AcmeThuderer is out to regain control in Gas Street Basin!

3rd September

The canal used to carry on here to the coal wharves by Paradise Street

Adrian Boult Hall is now well on the way!