Photo Blog - the tour in photos

As part of our tour we have a few minutes to spend on photography. Each month we assess photos that our 'tourists' have sent in to use or have had published on sites such as Tripadvisor or sent in a and published here. There is a prize of an Acme Positively Birmingham whistle for the winner.

August's Prizewinner

Tony Mason captured this photo just after the end of the 13th August tour

August 2016

27th August

Understanding more about Gas Street Basin

The Deutsche Bank artwork really captures people's imagination 

24th August

Ikon Gallery is such a great use for an old Board School 

Jayne shows us where she would like her desk in the PwC office. 

Another tour starts at the Library of Birmingham

20th August

People are surprised by the Brewmasters House.

17th August

we start the tour with a musical interlude. 

Saturday 13th August

Fun and games at the end of the tour. 

Saturday 6th August

Great shots by Raj Garcha using a long lens and then a fisheye on a Nikon D4. A learning point is that camera shake with such a lens hand held is an issue and you have to use a fast speed to overcome

What a composition and not a shot that will be possible once Arena Central goes up.

The shots below show some great use of a fisheye lens with the steps in Victoria Square being my favourite.